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Opt for exceptional stays with family, friends, couples or for sumptuous private and professional events at the Domaine des Gueules Cassées. This emblematic site of La Valette-du-Var always opens its doors to the curious, to the military and to travelers in search of comfort. Let yourself be surprised and charmed by this hotel and this ideal reception venue in La Valette du Var.

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One domain, one emblem
Our history

A dive into our history
The Union of Injuries of the Face and Head

In the aftermath of the First World War, three men, Albert JUGON, Bienaimer JOURDAIN and Colonel PICOT, founded the association “L’Union des Blessés de la Face et de la Head »to help their comrades disfigured during the war. They are called “Les Gueules Cassées”, a harsh and provocative term for the general public and affectionate for them. They also adopt a motto, full of promise and hope,“Smile anyway”

Even today, “Les Gueules Cassées” proudly carry values of fraternity and mutual aid, and provide moral and material assistance to the military, the police , to gendarmes and firefighters, wounded in combat and in service.

Immerse yourself a little more in the history of this emblematic place of the region by browsing the website of the Association Les Gueules Cassées, the Union of Face and Head Injuries.  

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To perpetuate this work The “Gueules Cassées” Foundation

In 2001, a foundation was created to continue the work of “Gueules Cassées”, but also with the aim of supporting institutions of all kinds which are interested in trauma of the face and head. 

The foundation is advised by a scientific committee of 15 doctors, it distributes scholarships and financial aid to researchers.

The Foundation has been recognized as being of public utility.

Acquisition of the domain The Domaine des Gueules Cassées

The Domaine des “Gueules Cassées” was acquired in 1934 to accommodate war veterans with mutilated faces and heads.

Today, the Domaine opens its doors to all travelers, in a pleasant and warm atmosphere. Rich in this exceptional past, the Domaine des Gueules Cassées offers a real journey through time to all its visitors, while offering quality services. 

Association, military, defense national Benefits for rights holders

When you stay in our charming hotel in La Valette du Var and when you organize a private or professional event at the Domaine des Gueules Cassées, we offer the right holders a preferential rate when booking a room.

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